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How is Cash for Homes in NY Different from Listing a Home for Sale?
June 2, 2022 at 5:00 AM
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While you’re probably familiar with the traditional process of selling a home that involves real estate agents, home viewings, appraisals, and more, depending on your situation, you may benefit from a service called “cash for homes.” To help you decide if selling your NY home for cash may be a good option for you, Reliable Properties has created this guide.

What is Cash for Homes?

Cash for homes is exactly what it sounds like — with a few extra details. Real estate companies and property investors purchase homes for cash in an easy, fast, and equitable process.

For homeowners who need to move quickly or don’t want to invest their own money into repairing a home with damages, cash for home services offers a seamless solution.

Benefits of Selling Your Home for Cash

Compared to listing your home for sale, selling your home for cash may offer the exact benefits you need.

Fast, Convenient Process

Primarily, the benefit of selling your home for cash is that you receive money much faster than you would through the traditional process. This means no real estate agents, last-minute backouts from potential buyers, or a long-drawn-out timeline.

This is especially helpful for people who need to transplant to a new, far-off location for work and don’t want to worry about making trips back to monitor the selling process. It’s also extremely beneficial for those who inherit a home and who have no knowledge of the home or time to clear it out, clean it up, or make repairs. Cash for home services, like the ones we offer at Reliable Properties, will buy a home as-is.

Lastly, in unexpected events where someone becomes behind on payments or taxes and doesn’t want to risk dealing with foreclosure, selling their home quickly for cash can help them pay off their debts — and save them a lot of time and stress. They can start over more easily and begin making plans for their future without the added pressure from creditors.

Immediate Offer

With cash for home services, you can expect an immediate offer on your home as it is. This means there are no expectations of you to make repairs, repaint any walls, or fix any issues that would otherwise slow down the process of selling with a real estate agent.

Of course, an immediate offer also means that the offer you’re receiving will actually go through. While you can generally expect a home sale to go through once a buyer has committed, it’s not always a guarantee — and the longer the process takes, the more likely it is that an offer won’t come to fruition.

Once again, this means a