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Things to do before I sell my house in ALBANY, NY
July 6, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Things to do before I sell my house in Rochester, NY

When you’re getting ready to sell your house, there are a lot of things that need to get finished before you show it the first time. If you’re just starting out and still asking yourself, “What needs to be done before I can sell my house?” we can help. Our team at Reliable Properties has put together this guide with expert advice to teach you what needs to be done before you can sell your house in Albany, NY.


Before you can do anything about the overall appearance of your home, you need to declutter. Find places for toys, shoes, and anything else that might find itself out on the floor in the living room or bedrooms. Everything needs to have a place where it belongs and is easily accessible because you might need to clean up in a hurry if you have someone coming to look at your house.

This goes beyond the high-traffic areas of your home. Consider your kitchen and the appliances that you keep on the counter. Make a home for clutter that sits out in your kitchen so the countertops will look clean and spacious.


Cleaning cannot be overstated. A home that has recently been deep cleaned is much more appealing than even if you’ve gone several weeks without cleaning. When a home is clean, the windows allow more natural light in while the surfaces look bright and fresh. Additionally, clean floors look much more spacious than those that tracks from heavy foot traffic. Ensure that your home is clean enough that you would feel comfortable with someone coming to walk through at the drop of a hat.


Walls and doorways both take a beating over the years. Dinged-up doorways are a natural part of moving furniture in and out of a home. That being said, make sure that any doorways that might have had a small chip taken out of the frame are painted over so as to not draw attention to the blemish. Additionally, use spackle and paint to cover up holes in your wall from nails used to hang pictures.


You’re going to need to cover up those nail holes in the wall because it’s recommended that you depersonalize your home when trying to sell. Take down any family photos, certificates, and awards that might hang on the wall to help give potential buyers a view of what all the space has to offer.